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An analysis of women and men in the media

In the spring of 2012 for my Women in Mass Media class, I conducted a research study and wrote the following paper.


I compared how Serena WIlliams and Rafael Nadal are portrayed in the media and how WIlliams is treated differently because she is a woman.  This paper served as my first time doing original research, and arguably set the tone for the rest of my academic career at John Carroll.

Iowa Senate Pre-Election Analysis


This paper was written in the Fall of 2014 prior to the midterm election Senate race between Joni Ernst and Bruce Braley.  

It was written and researched for my U.S. Elections class in the John Carroll Political Science Department. This assignment once again affirmed that I could complete original research, particularly in electoral politics.

It also showed me the importance of reflecting on data and journalistic pieces to draw my own conclusions about elections.

Personal Journalism Code of Ethics


This paper was written in the fall of 2013 for my Media Ethics class. It won me the Druckenbrood Scholarship for Media Ethics.


For the assignment, I was required to reflect on my own values and beliefs as a journalist and research current codes of ethics.  I had to learn how to effectively communicate these values in my own personal written code of ethics.  This reflection was incredibly valuable for me, and I believe it is a piece of writing that will help remind me of what I believe to be important in the future.

School of Hard Knocks: Senior Honors Project


This paper was written in the Fall of 2014 in tandem with my documentary, School of Hard Knocks.


This assignment required months of work. Not only did I put together an extensive literature review, but I also completed a script with an accompanying shot sheet. It is one of the academic pieces that I am most proud of, and showed me how truly capable I am.

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