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I like to think that my personal interests have fueled my professional interests, and that has always been my goal. 


My two main interests in life have always been sports and politics.  


My parents and my 18 years in competitive sports made me realize that I want athletics to play a role in the rest of my life.  While I was lucky enough to play basketball through college, sports reporting keeps me close to the games that I loved to play and watch growing up.


Politics has also been a big part of my life.  I can remember getting fully interested in the 2000 presidential election when I was only 7 years old.  With each subsequent year and every election, I have become more informed and involved with politics, which led to me accepting my first job out of college with Meet the Press. Getting to learn from some of the greatest modern-day political reporters during one of the craziest election cycles was a whirlwind, and I am fully confident that the knowledge they have passed on to me will be beneficial for the rest of my career.


Ashley covering Michigan basketball during the 2019 NCAA Tournament.

Ashley played college basketball at John Carroll University throughout her first three years of college.

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